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FC Ellikon / Marthalen Looking for players and coaches...

FC Ellikon / Marthalen Looking for players and coaches for the younger categories ...

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My name is odumosor friday, am 15yeas old, from Nigeria i played in an academy, am  a left wing and sir are really need ur help i which 2  establish my career in Europe, pl sir if u help me do that i will be glade to you,

hello there i'm Abraham, i'm Liberian from South Africa born there, but now live in the U.S.A, been playing soccer since i was 3years old i love the sport, i'm fast, have good ball skills and touches. about to be finish high school i'm 17 years old, soccer is life, i live it and sleep it. i was to play for a team and i saw your post online that you was looking for a good players, i made that be that player that can lead your team to winning games more and i work hard and never give up, hate losing and i think my great attitude will be good around the other players, i have a lot to offer your team i hope there is a way i can make it happen so please let me know cause i'm welling to do anything to make it work show u that i'm the guy your team need i have the ability and mindset of a winner .. you can reach me at 6785588529


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