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Dear Forum

I am writing this post for some feedback from you. I have just written an e book on how individual players can market themselves to clubs, agents and academies across the world, but do this in a professional manner.

I am considering putting a website up to promote this infrmation which will provide players with may contact details of people they will need to be talking to across the world, but more importantly advising them on how to market thenmselves effectively so clubs and agents take them seriously.

I have 22 years coaching experience fro grass roots to pro football, I played professionally and I have coached professionally and I have scouted for some of the Premier Leagues top teams.

Here are some questions I would be interested in you answering for me...

1. Would you be interested in this product?

2. How much would you be prepared to pay for this information?

This will help me in deciding wether to release this information.. I thank you for your time and look forward to your reply.

John Hammond UK

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How you doing sir my name is reynaldo i am 22 years old an i was considering on playing professional soccer but i need some help getting started i love to play soccer that is my favorite sport an would like to have someone to tell me Wat to do so i could play professional soccer thank you for taking the time to read this an hope to hear from you soon
God bless you and your generation for publishing this idea or information,sir, sure am very much inrested if only you help me get a club i promise i'll not disappoint you and i believe you can help me and i want you to try and help me please!
1.yeah i am interested

hi am interested how can i do this

hi am Richard Banahene a soccer Ghanaian player and i need your assistance and i am a left footed striker player and also a midfielder too as the same as a left defensive player and i was on 24th. june ,1992.Am playing a third division team in Ghana named Dreams regards

Greetings, sir. I'm Godwin omodaji. I'm interested, nd how much are you talking about? What other things do you want, in other to help me further my football carrer abroad? I hope to hear from you soon.

Hello the book is just £10 if you wish to buy it you can pay via paypal and direct your payment towards warm regards john

Hi, sir. It won't be possible 'coz i've tried it before. Nigeria is excluded from paypal. There is no nigeria name among the countries. Is there no other options on how to pay the money? I hope to hear 4rm you soon. Godwin.
hello, am ahmed by name, i we like to no more about your organization, THANKS.
Hi, pls i wil realy love it if u can enlighten me more on dis, my email is: Please i'm lukin up to u, i'm a young boy wit great talent. Thanks.

Hi sir i know this information is truth but you see i am a poor boy  who just frighten for his way out,to be sincere my parents are poor they don't have money i beg you can please take in to consideration of my situation i am not you use this as a chance to beg you but this is the reality.please help me thing is not easy and made be if you don't i made not get an opportunity to forward my career please sir help me see me as your little brother and rander this service for me playing  in my country liberia is not easy if you want to this is my email


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