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what are the best soccer drills for endurance, speed, and weight lose?

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run u bitch run!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
run u bitch run!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hi Enrique,

Of course you must run, but the diference it will be how to run.
In football you must know, for endurance, and because this game does not required a continuos effort, you must run in intervals: run 10 min. normaly and 30 sec. faster, 8 min. nor. and 45 sec. faster, 6 min. nor. and 1 min. faster, 4 min. nor and 1min30sec faster. And like this you will improve your endurance correctly.
For speed, you should pic up first which kind of velocity you want to training and after that, apply diferent exercises because the drills must be diferent for each kind of velocity. Don´t forget to add some obsticals to the drills because in that way you can practice your tecnical skills. To be more complete you must put the intire team doing this kind of exercises but considering the tactical system.

Good Luck,

Nuno F. Teixeira
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