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Comment by Roger Spee on March 27, 2009 at 9:22pm
I have been assigned to coach a new team. The team is an under 13 girls team. The team has not been named. As a team building exercise I would like to have the team work together to come up with a name for themselves. Does anyone know of a game or a fun method of coming up with a team name?

Suggestions would be much a appreciated.
Comment by Tom McGuinness on March 4, 2009 at 12:18pm
wording may differ, but generally, goes Identify, Correct, Rehearse and Execute/Go at Game Speed
Comment by Frazer Galt on March 4, 2009 at 12:15pm
Guys need help with a ? i have an answer just not sure what it is?

What are the 4 steps in correction?

thanks if you could email me at or jsut post a comment
Comment by Stephen Gerard Scullion on February 10, 2009 at 4:23am
You may wish to have a look at Ajax (Amsterdams) blueprint Tom, as this gives you an idea of how youngsters learn to play in different positions but, more importantly, learn respect and discipline. Have a look at:

and if you have the funds, I would recommend that you purchase the Ajax Coaching Education-Six Disc Set, which you can get from:

Let me know if there is anything else I can help you with.

All the best and good luck with your teams, Tom


Stephen Gerard Scullion
Comment by Tom Poole on February 9, 2009 at 7:54pm
Thanks John and Stephen,

I appreciate your reply. Thanks for offering any pointers Stephen!
My biggest struggle right now with the Kids is trying to get them to understand the importance of "team work" and to pass the ball more. At age 10-11 they still want to be the hero.

The Northern Arizona Youth Soccer League is a recreational co-ed league with over 900 kids. I have had at least 6 players return to my team every year. It is very satifying to see them progress and learn a new skill and actually put it to use on the field.

This past season with only 2 games left we were out of contention for the play offs so I gave a few of the players a chance to play a different position than they had played all year. ( I always gave every player a chance at any postion they wanted to try). At 1/2 time the next to last game I turned to one of my girl defensive players and told her I needed a "striker" to sub for one of my regular forwards. "Are you up to it? I asked. She swallowed hard and said "sure I will try." Well, with in 2 minutes she had scored a goal. Her very first!.

The last game of the season I did the very same thing with another girl on the team who had never played a forward position. She too scored her first goal within 2 minutes of play.

What I realized was that they were paying more attention to what I was trying to teach my forwards more than the forwards were. They did everything right and put themselves in possition to strike. Both recieved a well placed pass within the six yard box...WOW.

I had the pleasure of watching 9 of my players this season score their first ever goal!

I started the "adult" soccer club here which is also co-ed just so I could have the opportunity to play this wonderful game. Every game I learn something new that may help to hone my coaching skills. My Son (11 years old) has asperations of becomming a professional soccer player. My goal is to keep him from loosing that dream.
Comment by Stephen Gerard Scullion on February 9, 2009 at 7:18am
Keep up the good work, Tom. It is an infectious business, 'soccer'. I might come out to America again one day, as I coached soccer when MLS was in it's inception. I played at semi-pro level, when I was in the British Forces, and then got my coaching qualifications and worked at pro level for lots od different pro clubs, and amateur too. I have been doing this now since 1989, and still enjoy it immensely.
Let me know if you need any pointers etc, Tom

All the best


Stephen Gerard Scullion
Comment by John Zajaros on February 9, 2009 at 1:05am
Hi Tom!

Nice to "meet" you. It's funny you should tell that story. When I was coaching and I had an especially boisterous fan, usually a parent or close relative, I would invite them to what was called the Sunday Stumblers match. You can't call it a match, really, it was more of a bunch of soccer lovers from every skill level knocking the ball around.

Anyway, after the "match" I would invariably get the comment:

"I never knew soccer was so hard to play. It looks so easy from the sidelines! From now on, I'm keeping my mouth shut!"

Congrats for setting up the league! I set up the girls league in our community back in 1998 and that was a chore! Of course we had to deal with the built in chauvinism too. Thank goodness a decade has broken that wall down a bit. We still have a ways to go to get the girls the same kind of opportunities but the US Women's National Team did so much to move all of that along. I often wonder if we would still be in the soccer dark ages had it not been for the likes of Mia, Michelle, Brianna, Julie, well you know the rest. Thank goodness for those women, their contribution went so far beyond what anyone imagined at the time.

Well, enough of that. I get off on those tangents once in a while.

See ya Tom!

JohnZ (CoachZ)
Comment by Tom Poole on February 6, 2009 at 7:49pm
I have been coaching youth soccer for the past 5 years. My son started playing @ 6 years old, U-8 level. During one of his first games his Coach told me to sit down or sign up, so I did, Sign up that is. I started as an Assistant Coach for the first year. Half way thru the second season I was informed that my son's coach was moving and I was to take over the team.

Since, I have fallen in love with the game. I am learning more every year about teaching Youth Soccer. Not untill I played my first "adult" game did I gain a great appreciation for what I was asking my kids to do.

Now I have statred the Kingman - Cerbat Soccer Club, soccer for adults here in Arizona. We have players from all levels ages 24 -62.

Ran across this site while researching insurance for the club and had to join.
Comment by John Zajaros on January 24, 2009 at 8:39pm
There has been a lot of talk about strength training for soccer athletes, where to start and when to leave off. Not only are questions like in-season strength training being addressed differently today but how early a player (youth level) should start and what the focus should be for the young have changed drastically.

I have been training athletes for competition in a variety of sports for 27+ years. My clients have excelled and surpassed their current state of strength and fitness, having rejuvenated, resurrected, and/or established themselves as never before. My own children, not really clients if you know anything about fathers training daughters, flourished, both winning scholarships (full and 3/4) to major NCAA DI universities, starting in their freshmen years (goalkeeper, midfielder, and defender). I don't mention other clients on an open website without permission, and even then I am hesitant. Some really think they can keep a good thing all to themselves! Now, they almost can, as I only accept a few clients a year now (a few online and a few more personal, one-on-one). I have applied my strength training, sport-specific techniques to top-caliber amateurs and professionals in soccer, football (American), basketball, track and field, etc. I have worked with NFL football players and NCAA DI National Champion football players, basketball players (male and female), wrestlers, and runners. I have trained a number of the finest soccer-athletes to play the game at the amateur level, male and female. And, I have worked with young players just starting out, developing in them a level of strength and fitness that all but ensures they will play injury free! Call me for a free consultation. May also consider the right offer for a strength coach position.,, (216-712-6526, 24/7 voicemail), Skype: johnzajaros1, Yahoo! Instant Messenger: keepersteam,
Comment by Peter Hason on January 22, 2009 at 12:13pm
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