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Time to update this old site

The time has come that we are looking to make some updates. We want to hear from you. What can make your involvement in soccer better?

Please help by, leaving a comment telling us what websites you use to learn more about soccer: playing, coaching, running a club, etc. (Not scoreboards or standings) know what's going…


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I am college Mens and Womens assistant coach in the USA that is looking for recruits . If you are interested please contact me . Thank you

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The trials are organised for the best young talented and out of the contract players not only among our client but also inviting all others willing to polish their football skills and show off to the club scouts and agents. We have opened 25 spots which will be offered to the selected players 16-32 years old. Selection will be made through CVs & videos checks.

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looking for agent/academy/recruiters for my players

Dear Sir,

We are agent for footballers in Ghana.Currently we have footballers that are ready to ply their trade in Europe, Asia and

other part of the world. We would like to take this opportunity to send our proposal  to any football academy, Agent/ recruiters that are interested in scouting players for football semi pro professional or an academy, clubs.

For your inquiries, please feel free to contact us, and it's always been our pleasure to provide a good quality…


Added by michael larte on June 5, 2015 at 6:57am — 1 Comment

Argentina soccer school, SOCCER CAMP june 10 to 13 HOOVER BHM al

Argentina soccer school, june 10 HoOver BHM , AL
Boyes and girls 8 to 18 years old contact to:

Added by Marcelo Fabio Pereyra on March 11, 2013 at 10:48pm — 1 Comment

job opportunity in nigeria


Our international team marketing business is booming worldwide, if you are hard working, ambitious, honest and ethical and you seriously believe that you are worth $5000 + per month 0r $500 + part time, call me now Mr. James +2347066561511 or email me on
Do you like working with POSITIVE PEOPLE?

Do you want to be paid what you are WORTH?

Do you want…

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la festa delle peuterey men coats

Il 13 agosto, la festa delle peuterey men coats pellicce di lusso Peuterey shop splendida apre il flagship save italiano. Peuterey aprire il sipario di "stile italiano", sfilata di moda. The stelle pi brillanti, la top rated unit tutti peuterey shop nella citt di ghiaccio.

Il Peuterey spaccio lanciato autunno ourite l'inverno 2012…


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TEMPBOL SOCCER ACADEMY OFFER TRIAL OPPORTUNITY TO PLAY IN UK FOOTBALL ACADEMY,US MSL LEAGUE where video match will be sent to our chief Scout and Agent Advisor over there players are to play in Chelsea football academy, arsenal football academy, Portugal football academy and Brazil football academy, and club trial in OMAN, KAZAKHSTAN,…


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Assistant coach

Hey my name is Oliver, I love soccer and I love coaching it to kids. If there is any team U5-U12 looking for an assistant coach i would like to be that guy (I can't be a head coach yet). I don't have a lot of experience coaching but my first job as  a coach I trained a U9 team in Haiti and they ended winning their league three times in a row. I really know the sports because I was a soccer player myself (I played for this club called AJSB U13 and U15). so if there is any team in Indiana…


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delta faucets kitchen faucets

   A pull out kitchen faucet reviews has a built in spray wand and a contemporary design. The pull out faucet does away with plastic spray wands that collect mildew and mold on their nozzles. Pull out faucets are replacing the old spray wands and they add a sleek and modern look to any kitchen. Most kitchen and bath companies now sell pull out kitchen faucets and supply them in a number of designs and colors, making them…


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isabel marant dicker trunk

     Isabel marant basket is a type of shoe wherein it mainly covers your foot and the entire ankle, extend up to leg sometimes and extend as far as knee or hip depending on the style. Most of it has heel especially today that heels are the most trending style in the world of fashion nowadays, this made up for the designers to make also a Isabel Marant basket with heels. Tradionally, it is made of rubber or leather but modern boots came up from…


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insanity workout buy bargain buy to deliver

       Being one of many famous fitness experts, insanity workout dvd Shaun T has been a well known professional trainer. He has made several workouts programs incorporating dances and different exercises to get your body fit.

       One of these programs is the insanity 60 day workout DVD. This is a home workout DVD covering different intense exercises to get…


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isabel marant suede ankle boots

   Amarant, Isabel Marant sneakers is a very famous designer line that offers all kinds of fashion wear. The touch of European style of her designs is a timeless classic and has a major potential to last through years. The most prestigious product of Isabel Amarant is the footwear line. She uses natural fabrics, embroidery and drape to achieve her effortless chic style. Isabel Amarant always shows the current fashion love affair of Paris…


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Website design company

A1Dezine is a web solution company in NEW ZEALAND within a span of just 5 years. We offer Web design & Web Development across the New Zealand .We have been successful in delivering world class services to our esteemed clients. We deliver high quality web designing services always exceeding our client's expectations .Our expert designers have ability to create incredible website designs whether you are looking to update a current look…


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Productive Stars inside the NHL

Productive Stars inside the NHL Outstanding abilities in taking part in ice hockey can open up the door of good results for every participant like premier nhl Ryan Kesler jersey. Kesler, an ice hockey participant from the Vancouver Canucks, was born on the 26th day of September inside the year 1980. His has a twin brother named Daniel…


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2 month insanity

     Weight problems can be traced back to many different roots. Some cases can be blamed to one's genetic lines, others to their lifestyle. But whatever the root is, everything boils down to one thing obesity is an ugly problem and it needs to be addressed immediately. Unless if you're alright with the idea of suffering serious chronic diseases due to an unhealthy weight. With the widespread concern about obesity, it's easy to see why more and more dieting and weight loss fads are…


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tennis shoes isabel marant

  Do you like Isabel marant sneakers some people don't like it ,she may said Everything about these is ugly to me. If they look that hideous on models and celebs, they'd look ridiculous on mere mortals. Other people love it ,they said. Oh i love them! They are comfortable and make you a bit taller without that bithy high heel apeal . To all appearances , They look more like Air Pumps sports shoes ,and flat-bottomed, so it is comfortable , we find…


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Football Trial in UK and Europe

If you are a talented footballer wishing to play a professional football in UK and Europe, this is your great opportunity to become the world best of your time. Apex Sports Ltd UK is conducting a trial scheme in UK. Forward your CV to  or call +447024066944 for more info

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here with karen millen dress sale

 In fact is I also find it hard to understand. Why should have died, yet alive? All this really is the god's will? This is god's will make people. People like me, here with karen millen dress sale you should call it 'devil' right, forgive all the devil. Ha ha ha......I can not suppress the bitterness of the heart, cachinnation. Tears off the orbit, into the hair silk lost him.Chapter 16The woods night suddenly spread a laugh, the…


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at her for karen millen satin dress

 a warm current shares slip through my heart. The eyes of the eyes misted, supinely begin don't want to let it drop.Teacher, you say how can LiangShiWeiRen as? I slightly quipped.LiangShiWeiRen? How is that possible? ShenYi cold some to dare not believe.Yes, that's the LiangShiWeiRen? I this is from one thousand or several thousand years, what more is another of the world and with a looming don't what happened after the death of possessed in a just to snuff out the near children. The child's…


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