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Here are some notes from the 1993 national coaches convention. I believe the session was put on by Robby and Michele Akers Stohl
LEGEND: A - Attacker; S - Server; D - Defender; W - Wing server; M - Midfielder; NP - Near Post; FP - Far Post; GK - Goalkeeper


-- A runs hard diagonal to NP
-- S passes from about the 6 on the goal line (try to hit A at the NP about 2-4 yards from goalline
-- A shoots 1-touch
-- technique--redirect ball to FP with laces, toes down--chop laces across the ball and continue thru
-- S returns to A line, creating congestion in goal mouth as next A makes run; A to S line.
-- GKs in goal mouth, rotate from FP on each shot; no attacking the serve; more for window dressing
-- after initial run though, run this setup from both sides (criss-cross the goal mouth)


-- S delivers bouncing ball, A starts slow, later move at full speed, don't slow up; S waits till GK recovers.
-- S delivers higher bounce, then full volley serve (as if driven ball)
-- A continues to use the laces.
-- S serves for flick header to FP.
-- A to use goalside leg for FP flick (when A must reach around D to get ball first).
-- A1 dummies serve, A2 following finishes; A2 will run as A1 next time; A1 & S switch lines.
-- GKs go live; allow NP shot if they cheat.
-- S serves for diving headers (I generally save this for a wet day or when I want to get their emotions high)


-- Slot game--Two attackers and a wing server; A1 times run to NP off W's dribble; A2 shoots any crossed ball that gets thru A1; run with 2nd W; A's must regroup each time, be creative with runs; add defensive back that gives offensive W a head start.
-- 2 M outside penalty area, 2 W on touches (can't go offside), 4 v 4 in penalty area, 1 goal; if defense wins ball, back to keeper or wings, then to M; M can switch to opposite wing or play back to same wing for next cross to team that last won ball; add drop to M for a 1-touch shot.


-- GK passes to A coming straight on goal for power shot; technique review--eyes to check GK then look at ball, low on strike (bent support leg), low on landing (bent shooting leg), use instep.
-- GK passes to A coming straight on goal for accuracy, use inside of foot to post; be prepared for rebound
-- S serves bouncing ball to side, A facing away from goal turns and 1 touches
-- S severs to A's chest, who traps, turns and shoots
-- S serves for volley in front of goal (why chase balls all day)

I tend to use the criss-cross setup on a lot of my shooting drills; there's more player movement, and seemingly, more shot opportunities in less time.

--Thanks to: Gary Rue, KY HS and Select

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