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Another View of This Drill
The drill or I call a functional practice is actually called the "Four Goal Game". The main purpose is switching play from one side of the field to the other. If a player with the ball is prevented from moving forward, then he / she should turn with the ball with the objective of passing back to supporting players or by finding players who are in a better position to penetrate weaker areas of the field (preferably 2 v 1 situations). Remember, the game is about decisions and turning with the ball. The earlier the decision and the quicker the turning, the better the player.

Key coaching points include ability to switch play either though a series of passes or long accurate passes; communication between supporting players and player with the ball; patience of players who must be in position at all times,this means players on either side of the field waiting for the right time; ability of players to turn on the ball, turn with head up; and finally your point; the ability of players to see the field.

This is a great drill and should be encouraged alot.
Thanks To: Eric Erickson

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