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BEC-TERO SASANA FOOTBALL CLUB, RECRUITMENT CENTER, BANGKOK, THAILAND. Hello, I am Surasak Pong, The scouting contractor for Bec-Tero Sasana Foot…



I am Surasak Pong, The scouting contractor for Bec-Tero Sasana Football Club {Thai: สโมสรฟุตบอลบีอีซี เทโรศาสน} a newly opened club formed in 1992 {The Fire Dragons} to give young boys opportunity and structure to develop their football skills and team work ethics. We finished third in the Premier League last season. Arsenal Football Club one of the world's oldest and most respected football teams, Has announced a strategic partnership with Thailand's entertainment giant BEC-TERO SASANA FC to create a historic football partnership whereby they can transfer players with the English club, They are also affiliated with Rangers FC, Hibernian, Celtic FC and Mother Well FC and recently provided eight players to the Thailand national football team.

Bec-Tero FC is now ready to build a team to play competitive matches to find a place in the Asian champion's league. These features cannot be achieved without young and talented footballers with great skills, which are the reason I was hired by Bec-Tero Sasana FC to scout for skillful and talented young players from Africa, Europe and Asian countries. We will be grateful to receive you in our team for a professional football career trial as a player or an agent that will help us scout for talented players in your area.

We are currently hosting a three months trial tour, Our main purpose is to recruit young and new footballers to help build our new team, So if you can play active football well, if you cannot play but have a brother or a friend that can play well, Please get in touch with us as soon as possible.


(1.) Players have to be male, aged 15 to 28.
(2.) Player's have to hold a valid International passport; the passport must be valid for a minimum of 6 months.
(3.) Players have to send a scanned copy of their international passport data page and also their CV {curriculum vitae} which will be accessed by the officials; you will be notified if chosen to start registration immediately.
(4.) Players have to pay a registration fee of 13,590 Thai Baht, Which is equivalent to $400 USD {Four Hundred Dollars} only.
(5) Players have to send a copy of passport photography.

N.B: The Air ticket, letter of invitation and Hotel accommodation (all inclusive) will be provided by the club for every registered player and players are advised to send their recent contact address so that their documents (Letter of invitation, Air ticket and Hotel reservation) will get to them safely. Once we send you your documents, all you need to do is to present our letter of invitation, flight ticket and hotel accommodation to the Thailand embassy in your country for a tourist visa.

The players that impress our coaches/scouts must sign a compulsory 3 years contract with the Bec-Tero Sasana FC team, the dropped players will be compensated and they will return to their home countries with their return tickets.
Please know that this is only a trial program, It is in no way an assurance of a place in the team, and each player will be judged by his skills, techniques and ability with the ball on the field of play by the coach and the entire technical department of the team. We would not allow racial discrimination or any misconduct during the period of this program. More importantly we won’t want people to abuse this gesture and use it as an opportunity to come to Thailand for any other purpose other than the football trial program. Please we need footballers only!!!

For best correspondence, all replies, documents and comments should be directed to:


Await your responds soon.


Mr. Surasak Pong
Chief scout,

Bec-Tero Sasana FC
Bangkok, Thailand.

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