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 In fact is I also find it hard to understand. Why should have died, yet alive? All this really is the god's will? This is god's will make people. People like me, here with karen millen dress sale you should call it 'devil' right, forgive all the devil. Ha ha ha......I can not suppress the bitterness of the heart, cachinnation. Tears off the orbit, into the hair silk lost him.Chapter 16The woods night suddenly spread a laugh, the laughter and the mixed with desolate rejects, let a person it is the tears. Birds can't stand the dismal atmosphere, fled from the nest, blunt the spread of light you fly away. The fallen leaves with wind to the distance, for YouJi woods added a depression.ShenYi cold I never thought that ginger life so surreal, looking at the moonlight that face upwards to the young laugh wildly, ShenYi cold could bear take him in her arms. Want to whisked off his wounds, his pain, don't he show desolate laughter.Ginger, don't laugh, don't laugh, I beg you not to laugh. ShenYi cold SOB voice said.I bury my head in ShenYi cold her arms, as if he didn't hear the cry of the, still laugh, until can't breathe. On this to my peace of mind of bosom, the feeling that held my hands and the breath of the familiar. Slowly I calmed down mixed and disorderly feeling.First came to this strange world no rebirth delight, only full of fear and panic. Leave the life more than 20 years of age, suddenly woke up and found himself into a child, although surprised can also accept, because children grow 60S colour block dress uk up after all. But the environment but some is not adapted for, the previous peace and freedom here is fundamentally expect, and what's more, plus the so-called 'prince' title. Rigorous hierarchy intimidating, the upper of the word, and can make a fresh life, can become a turn with cold body. Come to this world, afraid you were found, afraid of is said to be different, so try very hard to disguise and escape, let myself from the crowd. But loneliness and lonely also follows. Want to let out, more want to leave. Leave the environment, leave this world. Want to go home, back to the original home

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